Thursday, October 17, 2013


Sometimes I try to be cool enough for my students. It's difficult. There's a lot of them, and they're all really cool. 77 Jumpstart students, 8 student workers, and 23 students in my class. And I have to be awesome enough for all of them, with their hip language and trendy clothes and technological knowledge.

To help with this, I recently got some new boots. They are black, over-the-knee boots with golden stirrups. I KNOW. 

Yes, I feel uncomfortable and really grown-up when I wear them (spoiler alert: I'm not a real grown-up).

Yes, I feel like a biker chick when I wear them (spoiler alert: I'm not a biker chick).

This biker chick is not me.

Yes, I look like a real New Yorker when I wear them (spoiler alert: I'm not a real New Yorker).

And most importantly, yes, my students told me they were cool. They actually used the word "poppin'," which according to the quality source, The Urban Dictionary, means:

1. An ill party that is in full swing.
2. To get (something) started.

I think that means I'm kind of hip? (spoiler alert: I might not really be that hip, but I do have some awesome boots).