Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ice cream girl: an inspiration for us all.

Today on the subway, I saw a girl around my age shamelessly eating a pint of ice cream straight from the container. That means without a spoon. Literally shoving it into her face. She had even torn down the sides so she could get all the way to the bottom. And I love her. And I think everyone should hear about her. And she inspired me to be a better person. And she also inspired me to eat ice cream for dinner. 

And I'd like to tell you about it.

I took a little of this:
Ice cream is better in a mug.

Then I took a little bit of this:
Yeah. This totally exists. You're welcome.

And added a little bit of this:
Real ice cream. Real strawberries. Real dream come true.

And stuck in one of these:
This spoon is much nicer than my actual spoon.

And I topped it all off with one of these:
Our couch is just like this except more couch-like and less coffin-like. Also, it's not purple.
Because sometimes you just need to sit on your couch and shamelessly shove ice cream in your face while you listen to folk music and paint your nails.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I forgot.

Oh hello there. I forgot that I had a blog for a month. My bad.

I also forgot to tell you I went to a zoo wedding for my friends Erin and Tim in St. Louis.
This is the zoo. And a waterfall. And friends.

I forgot to tell you about my brother and my new sister's wedding. It was the best of times. Sometimes I listen to the songs they played at their wedding and pretend like it's still happening.
I forgot that Andy is exactly 1 foot taller than me. Rachel forgot to smile.

I forgot to tell you about Brunner Missouri reunion. For one weekend only, the Brunner children reconvened in Jefferson City for the first time in 100000 years or something. Oh. It was good.
 I forgot that scarves exist. I should start wearing them again.

I also forgot that I should wear a coat when it's cold outside. And I forgot that 64 degrees actually isn't that warm.

I forgot how blue my eyes are. Luckily, some random guy on the Q2 bus reminded me
Q2 boy: (takes off headphones) I was just sitting here, trying to listen to my music, but I couldn't because I keep getting distracted by your beautiful eyes. What is your heritage?
Me: (awkward laugh) Um, I guess German and Irish and Scandinavian. 
Q2 boy: You have the eyes of an angel. You look like a teacher, are you a teacher?

Oh yeah, I also forgot that I look like a teacher. It's probably because I look just like this, except in color:
Julie Brunner. October 2012.

I forgot that I should clean my apartment occasionally. Not today, but occasionally. I wish little Logan the Bed Fairy were here to make sure I cleaned and to put a little candy on my pillow whenever I make my bed. Yes, that is actually a real life part of my childhood.

I forgot how much I have to work in the fall. A lot.