Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ice cream girl: an inspiration for us all.

Today on the subway, I saw a girl around my age shamelessly eating a pint of ice cream straight from the container. That means without a spoon. Literally shoving it into her face. She had even torn down the sides so she could get all the way to the bottom. And I love her. And I think everyone should hear about her. And she inspired me to be a better person. And she also inspired me to eat ice cream for dinner. 

And I'd like to tell you about it.

I took a little of this:
Ice cream is better in a mug.

Then I took a little bit of this:
Yeah. This totally exists. You're welcome.

And added a little bit of this:
Real ice cream. Real strawberries. Real dream come true.

And stuck in one of these:
This spoon is much nicer than my actual spoon.

And I topped it all off with one of these:
Our couch is just like this except more couch-like and less coffin-like. Also, it's not purple.
Because sometimes you just need to sit on your couch and shamelessly shove ice cream in your face while you listen to folk music and paint your nails.

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