Saturday, March 22, 2014

i got a massage.

Yesterday, Michael and I got massages. It was the second massage I've ever gotten. It was nice, but it was also weird.

Things that were nice:
  • The massage part. That was nice.
  • The calming piano music.
  • The masseuse used this really nice lotion and made my dead winter skin feel less horrible.
  • After the massage, they gave us a plate of Hershey Kisses, a few Reese's and some honey twist pretzels. Like straight up Rold Gold:
  • Classy post-massage snacking.
Things that were weird:
  • There were a bunch of towels on my massage table and I didn't know what to do with any of them, so I just got under all of them. That was wrong. I was supposed to lie on top of one and under the other. Oops.
  • My face was a little too small for the face hole on the massage table, so it sometimes felt like I was choking.
  • My masseuse was very sweet and laughed every time I didn't know what to do in a massage, but she also kept calling me "lady." For example:
    • "Is this good, lady?"
    • "Are you comfortable, lady?"
    • "Lady, it is time to turn over."
    • "Massage is over, lady."
    • "Thank you, lady."
  • Also, everyone was whispering and whispers make me uncomfortable. Brunners don't whisper.
  • For part of it, I had to let my arms hang over the table and they kept falling asleep, so I kept wiggling my fingers and accidentally hit the masseuse. She was nice so she just laughed, but that was weird and I am still weird.
  • Butt massage. Enough said.
  • At one point, I had to flip over, but didn't know what to do, so I basically just grabbed every towel, not realizing she actually placed them in various places for a reason, so (after she laughed, because she was nice) she had to re-arrange the whole table again. I was probably less coordinated than this lion:
Why is a lion better at massages than I am? I HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS!
  • When we paid, the people specifically asked if we could pay in cash. We may or may not have contributed to something illegal.
However, my body does feel good and it no longer hurts to move, so I will count it as a win.


  1. A second massage? You must've liked the first one a lot, or really just need another one to soothe your muscles from all its aches. I kinda think your experience is more nice than weird. Your masseuse was willing to adjust for you. I'm sure you appreciated it, though I understand why it must have been awkward for you. She might had guessed you were not massaged often, hence she was willing to help you every step of the way.
    Mary Miller @

  2. Just try to relax and try to lose yourself in the sensation until the weirdness goes away. You wouldn’t even notice that hole was too small for your face by then. Just look at that lion in the photo. Haha! At least the massage was good enough to take away your pains. Cheers!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station

  3. If it's your first time, the feeling could be pretty weird at the beginning. I hope that’s no longer how you feel about massages. It’s a good therapy to indulge yourself in, as it helps one release stress and unknot the stiff muscles in your body. Just don’t hesitate to tell your masseuse whatever makes you comfortable and the ones you are not, or if you think it's too hard or is starting to get painful. Cheers!

    Hannah Holland @ BCA