Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was just sitting here thinking about ice cream and wanted to tell you all how much I love Yogoluv. Seriously. I could eat it every single day. Maybe you're not from Columbia, and maybe you don't know what Yogoluv is, so if that is the case, here are the reasons your life is not complete:
1) Yogoluv is basically like the dorms except 1,000,000 times better. Imagine walking into your old dorm dining hall and heading to the soft serve ice cream section and multiply that excitement and wonder by 1,000,000. What does this even mean, you may wonder? Well, it means you can pick any flavor of frozen soft serve yogurt and any toppings you want!
2) It's really cheap! And who doesn't love things that are awesome and inexpensive?
3) They have these little green bucket chairs that make you feel like you're in another world. And the colors are super bright. Like Playdoh bright. Now, I really love Playdoh. The mushy texture. The bright colors. The wonderful smell (Sometimes at preschool, I make a Playdoh mustache so that I can just sit there and smell it). The way it makes spaghetti with the spaghetti machine. The salty taste (Yes, I like the taste of Playdoh. Judge me. I don't care. It isn't like I just go to preschool and start eating all the Playdoh, I just remember how wonderfully salty it is from my childhood, when I did sometimes eat Playdoh). And, believe me, if there is one thing I love more than Playdoh, it's Yogoluv. I hope that gives you a sense of Yogoluv's power.
4) I tell myself it is healthy, because it is frozen yogurt. I bet it even has probiotics in it.

Currently, I'm trying to make Matt go with me, because what is better than Yogoluv on a sunny, perfect day? NOTHING.


  1. Your post got me hooked...let's go. Forget Matt.

  2. you're on a roll, blogo-girl.

  3. This place sounds so cool! I hadn't heard of it, but now I definitely want to go try it out. Hope summer is going well!

  4. Hi julie,
    We saw this posting by you that mentioned yogoluv! Thanks for being a loyal yogoluver. If you are still in town we would like to give you a gift to show our appreciation. Please Please email us at yogoluvers@yogoluv.com when you get this message and we will give you more details.

    Thanks again!

    yogoluv team