Monday, September 13, 2010

hello again.

It seems like every blog I post is apologizing for my lack of blogging. I remember the days when I was an efficient, timely blogger; back in the days of retirement and apple butter. Well now those days are gone (at least for another 50 years or so).

But, I vow to at least attempt to be more punctual in my blogging. I mean, if my law school and med school friends can do it, then I can too!

Let me start by saying how I am insanely happy that I'm NOT in law school or med school. I mean, no offense to those of you who are, but I just don't think it is for me. I hear all these stories about killer tests and job interviews and it makes me sick to my stomach. Literally. Then, you all tell me how you never get to sleep and it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. You all know how much I love and need my sleep. I couldn't do it. But I'm glad you guys can. Mad props!

Anyway, here is a little update on my life:
1) I think I'm starting to like chocolate! Isn't that crazy!? My roomie made brownies this weekend and I actually like them! I mean, the aftertaste is still terrible, but I like them while I'm eating them. I know, I'm practically a grown-up now!

2) Speaking of being a grown-up, I'm now 25 years old! I'm probably over a fourth of the way through my life!! I'm half-way to 50! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!

3) I got another job! Shocker, I know. I mean, how could I go through an entire year with only 2 jobs?! Now I have 3 and I'm sufficiently busy. Something must be wrong with me, but I still get my 8 hours of sleep every night, so I'm doing okay. And before you start telling me how I overbook myself, you should consider the state of my bank account, which is very bleak.

4) I also discovered that I like mustard! Man, I really am a grown-up! I really like the kind of mustard with all the little mustard seeds in it...maybe it's called beer mustard? I'm not really sure, but I love how the seeds explode in your mouth when you bite them. And if you listen really carefully, you can hear them "pop." Speaking of popping, the other day at work, I was giving some kids Rice Krispies and we were listening to them snap, crackle and pop and I asked them if they wanted sugar on their cereal, and do you want to know what they said? They said "no!" Can you believe it?! I always put sugar on my Rice Krispies and I'm 25 years old! It really caught me of guard. Kids these days.

Well, that's about all that I've got right now. Basically everything else in my life is still the same. I still like ice cream, I still go to class, I still do homework, I still have brown hair and short fingernails, and I'm still really bad at video games. A few days ago I was playing football with one of the kids at work (and by "playing" I mean I was attempting to play catch with him, but was mostly just flailing my arms and trying to catch the ball) and after a while, he told me we could play video games instead if I wanted since I'm not very good at football. Unfortunately, I am not very good at video games, either. So after a few minutes of playing with me, he told me I could just watch him play. Oh well. Isn't it nice to know that some things will never change?

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  1. I loved being around when you discovered mustard. It was so entertaining. ;)