Saturday, May 28, 2011

the good life.

It's just another exciting Saturday night at Grammy and Papa's house. You know, the usual: cheering on the birds for eating cicadas (we don't like cicadas. Did you know they live underground for decades and then pop out of the ground like terrifying zombie bugs? Sick), making peach cobbler, watching Antiques Roadshow (or "the auction" as Grammy and Papa call it), and eating kielbasas, potatoes and, most importantly, sauerkraut. I love sauerkraut. So much. I don't think there is any meal that wouldn't be better with sauerkraut. Sometimes I dream about it. Especially about that Sonic commercial with the hot dogs and that one hot dog from New York with all the mustard and onions and sauerkraut all over it.
There is no way you can convince me this isn't heaven on a hoagie bun.
I also want to eat the chili dog from that commercial. Because it looks incredibly amazing. And I love chili dogs. You know what else is good with chili on it? Practically everything. I think that I would especially like chili on a hamburger. And on potatoes. Oh and I just discovered how insanely good green chili is on my last trip to Colorado. I experienced it by devouring a soapapilla filled with grilled chicken, beans and cheese and doused in green chili. Oh. My. Goodness. I think I am going to start making it and eating it every day. And I also want to start being a beekeeper. I mean, I'm unemployed, I really like honey and I really want to wear one of those sweet white bee suits because they're so cool. Imagine being invincible to bees. That must be one of the greatest feelings on earth. And I would make so many friends because everyone likes honey and everyone would want to try on my bee suit and dance around in the bees. And I would feed people peanut butter and honey sandwiches and honey beer for every meal.  And we will be happy and allergy-free.
The look of sheer joy. And invincibility.

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