Saturday, August 27, 2011


Some things are happening. And here they are:

I turned 26 this week! That means I'm a real adult. I mean, I have most of the characteristics of a true adult: a salaried job, my own apartment, big city life, a credit card, high heels, and dangling earrings. If only I were more mature. However, to the casual passer-by, I definitely come off as a real adult. I mean, I'm closer to 50 than birth right now.

There was an earthquake for my birthday. It was short so I didn't even have time to crouch under my desk with my hands over my neck like I learned in elementary school. My favorite sister was here for my birthday so she got to experience earthquake world as well! I'm glad we got that special moment to share with each other. I was sitting at my desk in my office, which is in the sub-basement, meaning the dungeon, of our building and Rach was sitting in a chair, living the dream. And then the door started swaying and I thought it was because of the construction they are doing on the floor above us. But it wasn't. It was an earthquake.

There is a hurricane coming to New York City. I don't really know what to do about this. I'm from Missouri. We're supposed to lose power tonight and Scott thinks it may be out for a while. Like 5 days. That's a long time. We have candles and water and food and my grammy sent me all these tips on surviving hurricanes and we're all sipping on Manhattans (because we live in NYC. And we're classy). We're going to fill our bathtub with water so that we can flush the toilet (Scott's a genius, seriously. If I lived alone I would be thirsty, hungry, and my bathroom would smell terrible).
There I am. Right in the pink "Extreme" category. Good times.

I lost my iPhone (this is when I wish I were a little more mature). However, I lose things like it's my job, so I'm actually impressed I made it 4 months before losing it. Unfortunately, I also get lost every time I go anywhere and iPhone was my only lifeline to a GPS. But there is a hurricane coming and all the subways are shut down anyway, so I don't have to attempt to go anywhere. Except the Apple store next week. My BFF Abby told me her new life theory and I've decided to embrace it. And put it in here in my blog with the special "quote" format. Because Abby is my smartest friend:
I've decided that you can do anything if you say "oops" afterward. Then people know you didn't mean it.  -Abby
So, oops. I lost my iPhone. Since I have those other characteristics of an adult, like a salary, I am just going to have to buy another. I can't say it is all bad not having a phone, though. Last night I got to tell this guy at the bar that I literally don't have a phone so no, you cannot have my number.

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