Thursday, August 16, 2012

coney island.

This past weekend, Sara, Scott and I went to Coney Island. There are a lot of awesome things and there are a lot of gross things about Coney Island. Nothing in the middle.

Things that are gross about Coney Island.
1. Those plastic gloves. There were weird, used plastic gloves in the bathroom stall. And I also saw one on the beach. Ew.

2. Lack of clothes. Lots of people decided it would be a good idea to take of some/most of their clothes and walk around the boardwalk. I mean, I totally understand. Clothes are the worst, but there was just an overwhelming amount of skin showing all at one time in one location. It was kind of like being at Oceans of Fun/any water park, except it's free and had more men wearing tank tops.

3. The beach. Word on the street (aka according to my students) is that if you swim there you will get stuck by a needle and you will die.

Things that are awesome about Coney Island.
1. Corn dogs. Coney Island definitely gets 1,000,000 points for having corn dogs. They also have amazing chili cheese fries, made with that plastic-like nacho cheese. Scott and Sara didn't approve of the cheese, but I wanted to eat 4 gallons of it. And maybe I will. Hey Nathan's Hot Dogs, you should probably have a cheese-eating contest, complete with gallons of fake cheese, french fries, and stomach pumps.

2. The ElectroSpin. After shoving corn/hot dogs and fries in our faces, we decided it would be a really good idea to ride the ElectroSpin. And it was.
This kind of ElectroSpinning.
Not this kind of electrospinning.
3. The ocean. Sure, the beach may be filled with hypodermic needles and broken beer bottles, but it is still by the ocean and that is awesome.

Scott Tucker, Protector of the Ocean.
4. This guy. And this video, courtesy of Sara. Words cannot express...

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