Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have some secrets for you. Are you ready? They're juicy. Get excited.

I accidentally fed Phin1 like 4 times yesterday. And by "accidentally" I mean I did it on purpose, but regretted it right afterward every time. He's still alive.

Sometimes I pretend like New York City isn't as hot/humid/unbearable as Missouri is because New Yorkers complain about the weather a lot. And I mean A LOT. So I pretend like I'm not sweating profusely and the heat is no big deal. But it is. It's hot out there. Like I almost never want to go outside.

I drink black coffee for a few reasons. Sure I like the bitterness and it's easy to order, but mostly I drink it because it makes me feel really cool. However, the other week I put some fancy creamer in my coffee and I really liked it. Maybe even more than I like black coffee, but I don't think I'm ready to be that girl who actually puts creamer in her coffee because it would make me feel way less hardcore and awesome than I do now.

"Wow, is that girl drinking black coffee? She's hardcore and awesome." -Said everyone.
I want to dye a strip of my hair hot pink, but my students told me I'm not cool enough to do that. They also told me I'm not cool enough to have a sleeve tattoo. Ugh my life is so hard.

Last week I tasted some of Phin1's fish food. I know that's gross. It tastes exactly like it smells, in case you were wondering.

If you see me with my headphones in while running/on the subway/in public, it usually means I'm listening to Prairie Home Companion podcasts. Sometimes I pretend like I'm listening to rap or something and bob my head up and down. But I'm not. I'm listening to NPR.

I ate Mexican food 5 times in the last week. Cute, Julie. Really cute.

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