Sunday, January 23, 2011

anything but the mom jeans.

I'm currently working an overnight shift at my job. Which means I have 8 hours to stay awake and occupy myself somehow. That also means that among the many things that I do to keep myself awake during this excruciating span of time, I read blogs. So, while painting my nails bright purple (I paint my nails everytime I work an overnight shift), I read my friend's blog entry about how she feels like she is getting old. And immediately, terrible questions started racing through my mind. Questions like:
When am I too old to paint my nails bright, obnoxous colors?!
At what age do I have to stop watching Spongebob Squarepants?!
Am I too old to make my own paper Valentine's Day decorations?! (I just finished cutting out and gluing together tons of pink, purple, and red hearts for my apartment)
How long until I wake up and find myself wearing mom jeans?!
Please don't let it come to this!
Will I ever outgrow meals that consist solely of frozen pizza, beer and multiple pints of Ben & Jerry's?!
Is it unacceptable to still carry crayons in my backpack?!
Am I at the age where I should start sorting my laundry by color?!
Do I ever have to stop eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch?!

But in the end, I have decided the answer to all these questions is no/never. What a relief.

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  1. Believe it or not, my husband had no idea what "mom jeans" were until a couple of weeks ago. Crazy, I know. And you, Julie, of all people, will never grow too old for all of those things; that's part of why I love you so much :-)