Friday, January 21, 2011

it's in the bag.

My friend Ashley is a really good blogger. I'm not. But, I decided to be in her Blog Crawl in hopes of becoming more reliable. So, I literally dumped my purse out on the floor, not knowing what exactly it contains, and found: 
This is my purse. I think it is from Dillard's. I say that because my mom and grammy bought it for me and that is where they shop.

Note: Purse=Trash Can

First, we have some:
  • unpaid Visa bills.
  • old flight tickets, basketball tickets and shopping lists. 
  • And my friend Melissa's engagement picture. 

And then there's a little: 
  • Hot Hands from Santa. You never know when your hands are going to be cold.
  • Recipes from Grammy. Coconut creme pie and walnut toffee.
  • A little pouch for lipgloss that I got in Ecuador. However, you will notice that my lipgloss is not in the pouch. I'm working on that.
  • A pen I got from my credit union. 
  • A pile of chewed and unchewed gum and wrappers.

Now, we finally have some real stuff. I'm not even sure why I have the first stuff in my there. And the worst part is that I put most of it back in my purse after I dumped it out. Don't worry, I did throw away the gum wrappers. Anyway, here I have:
  • Sunglasses I never wear. I just like to carry them to make my purse heavier.
  • My winter hat and leather gloves. I bought these so I look more mature and grown-up. I think it's working.
  • Various shades of Burt's Bee's lip gloss and shine. Note how dark the colors are. My mother always buys me really dark colored lipstick. I don't know why. 
  • Powder foundation that I always forget to use.
  • Random movie ticket.
  • My wallet. I love this wallet, but I'm searching for a smaller one. And, to make matters worse, I found the perfect one at TJ Maxx, but it's still $60. For a wallet. You've got to be kidding me. I don't care if it is real leather. Somehow I always manage to find the most expensive purses and wallets at TJ Maxx.
  • Checkbook.
  • My keys. And my Panera Rewards card (greatest invention of all time...I have a free latte waiting for me on my next visit!) And my gym card. And a keychain my friend Alex brought me when he went to Chile. It says Julia. Because that's my name.
  • A little bird card-holder that I sometimes put things in. It's very useful for holding fortunes from chinese take-out and the occasional quarter to pay the meter.
You're probably wondering where my cell phone is. And it's probably lost. I seem to lose my phone constantly. Recently, the buttons have started popping off of it, too, so when I find it on the floor of some random restaurant, I now have to search for the missing buttons as well.

Well, that's it. And this is the last day of the Blog Crawl! You've all inspired me to stop using my purse as a trash can and to buy a new wallet. Be sure to check out Margaret's purse post from yesterday (and be sure to read her bio...what a champ!) And thanks, Ash, for hosting!


  1. Hey there! Stopping by as a fellow blogger for today’s In The Bag series.

    Thanks for sharing your purse and contents. I had to laugh at the "Purse=Trash Can" comment. :o)

    Stop on by if you get a chance!

    Grace Hester

  2. Julie,
    You crack me up. And thanks for the compliment about being a good blogger!! Although, I just post more...I don't know if that makes me better. lol. You just need to write more! You're hilarious.

    <3 Ashley