Friday, February 18, 2011


I have some confessions to make. But just to prove I'm normal, I will provide supporting evidence for each juicy, personal disclosure. I AM NORMAL!

1) I've recently started listening to country music. I know, some of you will be proud of me and the rest of you may never speak to me again, but there is just something about nice weather that makes me want to listen to guitars and banjos. Actually, I could listen to banjo music any time. I love banjos. Not only do they make music perfect enough for the ears of angels, but Kermit the Frog also plays one.
Try and tell me you don't like banjos now. Just try.
And Steve Martin.
Yeah, he actually plays the banjo. In real life. Look how happy and content he is! And he's also wearing a Peace Corps shirt. Doesn't get any better than that.
And squirrels.
Yeah, they actually play the banjo, too.
And my friend Alex.
He's good. And I don't just think that because we're friends.
I've also found that country stations don't play as many commercials, which is a big plus in my book.

2) In the past two days, I've eaten, among other things, two boxes of cheddar jack Cheez-Its. Now, there is no way you can convince me that's not disgusting. I know. It's sick. I just discovered they existed the other night at work, so I immediately went out to get some. Then they were on sale at Hyvee. So I bought two boxes and devoured them. I almost opened a box before I even checked out, like when moms open things to feed their screaming children while they're shopping. That was almost me, except I'm not a mom or a screaming child so I held back until I got to the parking lot. They're just that good. Trust me. This guy likes them as much as I do.
This is me. Only I'm smaller, female and I have curly hair.
And so does this hamster.
No one is judging you, little guy. Eat your heart out.
And this girl.
Those are Cheez-It nails. I think I should probably be her friend.

3) I love to search for jobs online. I don't know why, but I do. And I also really like to apply for jobs. Sure, I haven't gotten one yet. I haven't even gotten an interview for anything yet, but at least I'm having a great time searching and applying, right? Normally, I wake up every morning, brew some coffee, eat my fiber bagel with cream cheese (I love fiber) and apply for a job or two. But I'm not the only one. These people love job searching, too.
Wearing suits. Getting jobs. Jumping. Loving life.
And this dog.
I was wondering where he was made. That's where I was made, too! We have so much in common!
And this guy.
Gotta love the classifieds. If you don't find a job, at least you might find a puppy.

4) I'm really glad each confession had a semi-creepy picture of an animal doing something out of the ordinary. You're welcome. Here's one more for good measure.
Is that bunny wearing a tutu? Perfect.

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  1. I, too, love cheddar jack cheez-its. If I had Cheez-it fingernails, I would probably try to eat them. Also, I love you :-)