Thursday, February 10, 2011

oh seamonkeys.

I have a car. It's red. I got it from my grandpa. I call it Seamonkey. And it has a flat tire.  I would like to venture out on a limb and say that I am the world's worst car owner. I forget to check fluids. I don't remember when I need an oil change. And I drive all around town with a flat tire. And by flat, I mean flat. Not semi-slow-leaking flat. I mean tire-flapping-on-the-road-driving-on-the-rim flat.  Why did I think the weird flapping sounds and smells of burning rubber just meant that my car was too cold? Why didn't I realize that meant I was literally driving on the rim of my tire? There are no answers.

No, this is not my car, but it is red. And it does have a flat tire like mine.

This is why I need to live somewhere with public transportation.

Also, I painted my nails the other day. No big deal, right? I paint my nails pretty much every day. Well, for some reason I decided to paint them ON my computer. I thought that I had succeeded in keeping things clean, but I just found a spot of neon pink on my command key. Oh well, at least it's a pretty color. Maybe I should just paint that whole button neon pink. It will be just like middle school when it was cool to paint your lunch card with glittery nail polish. Those were the good days...when I didn't have a car to take care of and people didn't judge me for painting my belongings with glitter.

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  1. Who's judging you for painting your belongings with glitter! Definitely not your besties!