Monday, December 6, 2010


Sometimes I go to preschool and little kids pee on me. Like the other day...children like to sit on laps, so I let them (I'm a crowd pleaser). Usually the lap-sitting comes with no consequences, however sometimes I leave preschool smelling like pee. Then I get to go sit in class with graduate students.

Sometimes preschoolers can't pronounce my name. So instead of calling me "Miss Julie," they call me "Miss Jelly." I'd correct them if it weren't so stinkin' cute.

Sometimes I do my laundry. And I hate every second of it. Laundry is probably my least favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks, it is pretty crucial. I mean, I only have so many swimsuit bottoms I can wear when I run out of clean underwear. I would venture to say the only thing I like about laundry is the smell of the detergent.

Sometimes Brunners run around Stephen's campus singing songs from musicals. We have voices like angels. Or something like that...

Sometimes I look at pictures of food for hours. Literally. Is that sad and pathetic? No. So don't judge me. I mean, try and tell me you couldn't stare at this cinnamon roll for approximately forever.

Sometimes the only thing I have to do during the day is go to class for a few hours. Life is hard. Unfortunately, this isn't very common.

Sometimes I accidentally buy jeggings (jeggings= jeans + leggings) at TJ Maxx. Whoa. I guess I'll keep them since they were super cheap and feel more like sweats than jeans. Who knows? Maybe I'll become one of those jeggings/leggings wearers. Like when I was a child and refused to wear anything that wasn't soft enough. Meaning, the only things I wore were stirrup leggings and sweatshirt dresses. I was the softest kid in the neighborhood.

Sometimes I blog instead of doing my homework (obviously not very often, however, since the last time I posted was October 2).

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