Monday, December 27, 2010

xmas in boston.

This year, instead of celebrating Christmas the normal way ("No one ever invites Stefon to normal Christmas"), we all jumped on a plane and headed to the East Coast to visit my big bro, Andy. He's a doctor so he didn't get to have Christmas break...another perk of still being in school.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the trip:
1. We got to use public transportation! I really love public transportation.

2. We went to the midnight service at the Old North Church, which is the church that Paul Revere did the "One if by land, two if by sea" stuff. Exciting, I know! And when we walked in, they put us in the Bay Pew which is apparently a super special pew, right in the front next to the preacher. I told them I felt really special and they said I should. THEN, as if things could get any more exciting, the candle-lighter put Katy (Andy's girlfriend) and me on fire duty, meaning that we had the responsibility of blowing out the advent candles if they looked like they were going to set the church on fire. We're important, I know.

3. After the midnight service, we were walking home and there was a little bakery open so we stopped to buy pastries and cookies. Because Brunner's love carbs. I have no idea why they were open so late. Maybe just to catch all the midnight service people? Or maybe that's just how things work in Boston? Anyway, it was awesome.

4. It is blizzardy outside! Which is great now that we're inside, but really stunk when we were walking home from shopping downtown. Especially when your name is Julie and you forgot to wear a warm hat.

5. I applied for my first ever real-life-grown-up job! I'm an adult!!!

6. We watched Muppet Christmas Carol, the greatest Christmas movie the world has ever seen.

7. We ate cheese every day. And if you know me at all, you'll know that I seriously love cheese. The first night we were here we had a cheese platter for an appetizer, and every night after that we've had cheese appetizers before every meal. It's divine. Brunners love cheese.

I think I shall move to Boston.

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